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Support... yourself - not us!

The quite logical question is: „If it's really that good — why it isn't manufactured yet?”. Unfortunately, it's not that easy in the business area; quite reasonable answer has been given on the pages of New Energy and Fuel portal:

So whats the problem? Where are the companies that make engines? First up is and always will be the not invented here mental illness. On the other hand the Otto cycle gasoline and compression ignition Rudolf Diesel designs are not invented here anyway. Then its hard to let go of the wins from controlling and managing the fuel ignition successes we have today, even as these lessons will advance the new Holubowicz design principles rapidly. Then its been reported that Mr. Holubowicz has been approached by concerns who wish to license/buy the entirety of the design as opposed taking out a license, while understandable, this is greed beyond any accusation leveled on any other segment of the energy industry. The approach also is a sulk, stick head in sand and make ones ass a target path of behavior.

Eager to buy car/bike with such modern engine (with a „gun-engine”)? Or maybe wanna to say „thanks, goobye!” to power station for its overpriced services - and to supply the power by yourself („ballerina”)?

If so - try to think over it:

If you agree with us, that we can hardly expect any of the above, you surely understand, that without the pressure „from the bottom up”; the pressure made by Consuments, Taxpayers and Voters - we mean: all of us - there's no chance!
It is confirmed by the fact, that the gun-engine has been patented in 2006 already, and since then still isn't in mass production yet(!). The potential producers either aren't especially interested(?), or wants to buy the exclusive rights to invention. Do you really wonder, why? ;)

So, if you are convinced - help to spread information about the invention of gun-engine (and ballerina-engine). By doing so you'll support not us, actually - but yourself! Because it's your business to have the opportunity to use such modern, economic engines - which will give you cheap energy.

What can you do? Maybe at least that little:

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