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Ballerina Engine

The ballerina engine is a rotary engine, the principle of operation of which was "borrowed" from a ballerina that commences piruetting. It has zero emision and zero fuel consumption. One of the application of the rotary engine is to produce electricity, thus I'm developing a small electricity generation model 5kW ac 110V to electrify an apartment or small family house. The system could be scaled to any power output easily.

Today's way of electricity production and grids to deliver electric power to customer are very wastefull and polluting. Losses in power transmission lines exceed 50% causing electromagnetic pollution that reduces crops and affects health of living creatchers around. Therefore continuation of existance of XIX century grid system is not logical.

My technology (if proved) might change the energy system forever, as a clean electricity could be produced on an individual receiver level such as an apartment or even oven, therefore every machinery could have own "electric power station", so no need for grids and huge coal fired electric power stations.

Also the system coulld be effectively used in electric transportation, which would eliminate batteries that need to be charged, thus future cars trucks ships and avionics could easily be developed and run on costs of maintaining the system.

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